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ConnektEd was founded in 2017 by a group of British nationals who have taught and led schools in the UK, Middle East and  Asia. Amongst the team, they have fulfilled roles including teacher, Head of Department, Assistant Headteacher, Headteacher, Principal and worked as both consultants and conducting school inspections under BSO and BSME frameworks.


Having worked extensively in recruiting staff members for their own schools, the team has always enjoyed conversing with individuals throughout the recruitment process to understand their philosophies in education.


However, they recognised it is extensively time consuming for stakeholders involved in the process to find the right candidate for the school.  Having also experienced working with recruitment agencies, they felt that as experienced school leaders with extensive recruitment experience that they could make a difference to schools and the students they serve as they could more adequately filter candidates for positions.


Our Commitment

We are different, we will not give candidates false promises, nor put them forward for a position they are not suitable.  We interview candidates rigorously to ensure they are people we would potentially consider recruiting ourselves for our own schools.


Should you be a school seeking support in your recruitment, or a teacher/school leader seeking your next move to an International School around the world we can help.