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Interested in seeking new teaching opportunities internationally?  Look no further

As a team of former Principals and Senior Leaders both UK and Internationally we know how the recruitment process works, and most importantly, how to be successful when looking for a new job.

We actively search and work with top educators and senior leaders to help them secure a new position in schools around the world.

We support candidates in both applying for and interviewing for a new position, this includes support in producing a high quality CV.

We find the right match for you rather than pushing you towards a school you will not be suited for.

Engaging with talent, that's what we're here for.

We are passionate about education and attend multiple conferences and meetings whilst also remaining up to date with current educational practice through continuing to undertake professional development.

We identify and work with only the most suitable candidates for positions we have to fill.  Based on years of recruitment experience as school leaders ourselves, we are able to identify top candidates who will be successful.

We believe in the power of connections.  We strive to build and maintain relationships with candidates and clients alike.  Additionally, we continue to undertake consultancy arrangements with our former employers.

Does this seem like a bit of you?

Teachers register here now if you would like to be considered for some amazing new teaching opportunities in the near future.  The world is your oyster.

Should you not wish to register at this time, but want to keep up to date about exciting new potential opportunities we are socially active.  Follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook using the links on this page.

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